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This years visual arts lineup includes visits and workshops from:


Michael Bauleni // Theatre maker // Mwalimbunga Mbene // Theatre maker


Maya Minder // Artist and Curator // Sandra Buehler // Experimental film maker

The highlight of the visual arts exhibition include the work of:

Lesedi Mazibane (Botswana) // Buhle Mpila (South Africa) // Nobukho Nqaba (South Africa) // Siphiwe Ndzube (South Africa) // Ester Vonplon (Switzerland) // Maya Minder (Switzerland) // Candice Breitz (South Africa/ Germany)


Tanja Szallies (Germany) // Various short film // Candice Breitz (South Africa/ Germany) // Extra! // Christoffer Guldbrandsen (Denmark) // Stealing Africa

Live Skype collaborative performance with Bosnian born performative artist

Milenko Lanzic he will collaborate with an artist on Saturday the 25th of October.

The festival also includes workshops and discussion with the visiting artists as they

make proposal for future collaborations and projects in Newcastle.