Why We Exist

Why we exist

The NCN was initiated in January 2011 with a desire to stimulate youth engagement in art and cultural activities in Newcastle and its surrounds through education and skills development that culminates in the creation and uptake of creative an economic opportunities in the creative industries.

The network wished to engage and support existing  programs specifically targeted to ensure poverty alleviation and gender equity that specifically tackle the issues of a low skills base stemming from lack of adequate or appropriate education and information within the population falling below the age of 34. The dissemination of knowledge and skills in this age group will directly impact on the level and manner of creation and take up of economic opportunities that will have a direct effect on the lives of many members of the community. The need to stimulate the economy for the promotion of job creation is also necessary so this population can and will contribute significantly to Economic growth.

The double aim of this initiative is to tackle the lack of community engagement by the youth by introducing them to basic skills through the art education at their schools and through extended programmes at a designated centre in the community. The skills will encourage youth involvement in the arts and foster an alternative way of thinking about individual and collective challenges and how one goes about articulating a response to the identified challenge. The other aim is to promote entrepreneurship and spur on enterprising minds through developing creativity among youth, helping them identify opportunities and thus creating an environment where more jobs are possible and the level of poverty reducible through youth enterprise and creative economic engagement.

The aim primarily is to empower youth in Newcastle to improve their life skills through art and culture activities, which will engage with and include them in the community life thus opening the way for youth to make a positive contribution to local development. The objective of which, will be to provide them with creative skills they can harness and develop in order to contribute significantly to society.

Our aim Our primary aim is to create collaborative projects that are a platform for strengthening arts and culture development projects in Northen Kwazulu Natal We specifically aims to promote:

  • Broadened accessibility and participation of/to qualitative, innovative, engaging culture programmes
  • Increased collaboration and long term partnerships between independent cultural organisations in the region
  • Increased cross-sectoral collaboration
  • Increased capacities of independent cultural actors

We work with existing projects with proven social relevance, that are responsible and change-oriented. Together we aim to influence the context and make a positive change through public activities that reach a broad public.

Our passion
At Newcastle Creative Network we are passionate about seeing young people succeed in all their undertaking and change their lives and those of others for the better.

Our mission
Our mission is to provide exposure of the artist’s work to greater audiences and to make practitioners aware of each other and not function in isolation but rather as part of a supportive community that encourages peer dialogue and exchange.

We aim to stimulate and support artists in identifying opportunities for the development of their careers by making practitioners aware of all the resources available to them. Our members have access to information pertaining to art events taking place nationally and internationally and in the future will have access to project spaces where they, through an application process, can come and create their work in a conducive environment

Track record of accomplishments

2015 National Youth Development Agency Youth Service Gant
2012 National Youth Development Agency, South African Youth Awards Art and Entertainment Category First Runner Up
2012 Umvithi Youth Development Foundation, Kwazulu Natal Young Achievers Awards Craft Arts Category (winner), Music Category, Performance Category.

Our Hopes and Dreams Our future hopes as a network, and a landmark against which we will judge our impending success will be the creation and implementation of a three day arts festival in Newcastle that is of the standard and quality of the National Arts Festival.

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