History, Experience, and the Experience of History

The 5th Annual Newcastle Township Arts Festival 2016 will launch under the theme of History, Experience and the experience of History. The annual festival occurs in Newcastle South Africa and is based on Collaborative Performance and production of (visual arts/theatre/music) through Exhibition | Discussion platforms that occur through facilitated Cultural Exchanges with national and international […]

YouthCAN, Kigali

“If you could have any superhero powers, what would you choose?” Rarely, if ever, is the answer peace. Except for a select few organisations, peace almost appears to not be a goal in itself but rather a by-product of other processes. The great thing about the potential of culture is also the very same thing […]

Newcastle Township Arts Festival, 2015

The Newcastle Townships Arts Festival 2015 is being held for 3 days from Friday 23 October to Sunday 25 October at Section 4 Madadeni Township Newcastle. The Newcastle Creative Network has completed its planning of the festival artists and artworks and is ready to welcome visitors with various festival events. Opening events for the festival, […]

>>Fast Forward>> Here

>>FAST FORWARD>> HERE A project by the Newcastle Creative Network with Maninzi Kwatshube This project examines the prospects and life perspectives of young people in Khayelitsha through an experimental video research project. In a series of workshops, thirty 18-23 year olds will interchangeably take on the roles of: audience, interviewee, camerapersons, crew, sound technician, and interviewer. […]

Interview with Glynn Patterson

With all the touring that we as the Newcastle Creative Network team have been engaged in of the beautiful, picturesque and richly green mountainous country of Northern Ireland, I (Dumisani Radebe) decided to capture the awesome story of the village of Ard Glass and its relation to art and the television series that is on […]

Art and Community

An interview with the NCN around art and community Why were the Art & Community project(s) initiated? The initial questions that lead to the creation and establishment of the Newcastle Creative Network was the one of who is doing what and how and for how long in Newcastle and how do we make these actions […]

Interview with Nokubonga Mabaso

In the lead up to the Newcastle Arts Festival Ireland on 14-15 August 2015, we have interviewed Nokubonga Mabaso who will be travelling with Dumisani Radebe as a representative of Newcastle Creative Network South Africa. Tell us about yourself I am a writer, poet, yoga teacher, and environmentalist and philosophy enthusiast. I am 25 years […]

Two Newcastles: Searching for a shared context

Produced by: In South Africa: Newcastle Creative Network (Silindile Nkosi, Dumisani Radebe, Nkule Mabaso and team) In Ireland: Newcastle Arts Festival (Nick Mack, Austen Biggerstaff, Maryanne Flanaghan and team) The project Two Newcastles: Searching for a Shared Context aims to stimulate the scope of visual art in the respective contexts and inspire each community through […]

Finding Inspiration through Finding Context

Follow up interview with Nokubonga Mabaso. Tell me about the experience of travelling to Ireland recently. What was the highlight and what have you taken from this trip. Travelling to Ireland as part of Newcastle Arts Festival exchange was an awesome experience. The people of Northern Ireland were extremely friendly and made our stay a […]

Kugwira ntchito limodzi, Malawi

The Newcastle Creative Network in collaboration with Swiss based research team FOA–FLUX (Dominique Lämmli and Annemarie Bucher) and in close cooperation with Visual Arts Association of Malawi, Nanzikambe Arts, and Zipatso Academy Salima have planned a collaborative project to distribute and create collaborative, interdisciplinary work, and foster networking between community based artists and groups involved […]

Wild Jam

Wild Jam: Sunday Sessions, are events where artists get a chance to meet each other and are given a platform to expose their work in the form of a live music events and a visual arts exhibition. Post by Newcastle Creative Network. Post by Newcastle Creative Network. Post by Newcastle Creative Network. Post by Newcastle […]


This years visual arts lineup includes visits and workshops from: Malawi Michael Bauleni // Theatre maker // Mwalimbunga Mbene // Theatre maker Switzerland Maya Minder // Artist and Curator // Sandra Buehler // Experimental film maker The highlight of the visual arts exhibition include the work of: Lesedi Mazibane (Botswana) // Buhle Mpila (South Africa) […]