Maboneng/ Madadeni Township Arts Experience 2012

Maboneng Madadeni Township Arts Experience Report 2012

19 November 2012 at 16:16

by Dumisani Radebe

Purpose of the Event:
The purpose of the festival is to highlight the creative people in our community in Newcastle and thus create and maintain a productive creative economy that sustain the artist in Newcastle and Northern Natal. We are allowing people to see the arts and culture that exists in the township and the township as a space for the production of social and creative life. With the festival we want to unite the artist and community, and make the community aware of the creativity in its midst. The festival also creates exposure to the arts and hopefully inspires other latent talent to come to the fore. With the Maboneng Madadeni Township Arts Experience, we were attempting to familiarise the township with arts, and how far it can go, and ideally, cultivate a local market for our artists.


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Dumisani Radebe with Mohau Modisakeng

Mohau Modisakeng

19 November 2012 at 15:02

Newcastle Creative Network’s Dumisani Radebe speaks to Mohau Modisakeng

1986 sees Soweto give birth to yet another cosmic force. It is the colourful multi-lingual streets of Meadowlands where hails this crafty, vigilant and humble fellow. Mohau Modisakeng takes us through his first public art installation, the second art-piece at the Newcastle Mall. (more…)

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