Interview with Glynn Patterson

With all the touring that we as the Newcastle Creative Network team have been engaged in of the beautiful, picturesque and richly green mountainous country of Northern Ireland, I (Dumisani Radebe) decided to capture the awesome story of the village of Ard Glass and its relation to art and the television series that is on […]

Interview with Nokubonga Mabaso

In the lead up to the Newcastle Arts Festival Ireland on 14-15 August 2015, we have interviewed Nokubonga Mabaso who will be travelling with Dumisani Radebe as a representative of Newcastle Creative Network South Africa. Tell us about yourself I am a writer, poet, yoga teacher, and environmentalist and philosophy enthusiast. I am 25 years […]

Finding Inspiration through Finding Context

Follow up interview with Nokubonga Mabaso. Tell me about the experience of travelling to Ireland recently. What was the highlight and what have you taken from this trip. Travelling to Ireland as part of Newcastle Arts Festival exchange was an awesome experience. The people of Northern Ireland were extremely friendly and made our stay a […]

Interview with Lindiwe Cebekhulu

NCN Visits NCA 6 August 2013 at 02:02 As we have come to be introduced, the Newcastle Creative Network is a team of artists who amongst other things travel and seek the art from all corners of the nation- given the proper resources of-course. Over the past weekend, I (Dumisani Radebe) visited a local group […]

Dumisani Radebe with Mohau Modisakeng

Mohau Modisakeng 19 November 2012 at 15:02 Newcastle Creative Network’s Dumisani Radebe speaks to Mohau Modisakeng 1986 sees Soweto give birth to yet another cosmic force. It is the colourful multi-lingual streets of Meadowlands where hails this crafty, vigilant and humble fellow. Mohau Modisakeng takes us through his first public art installation, the second art-piece […]