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A project by the Newcastle Creative Network with Maninzi Kwatshube
This project examines the prospects and life perspectives of young people in Khayelitsha through an experimental video research project. In a series of workshops, thirty 18-23 year olds will interchangeably take on the roles of: audience, interviewee, camerapersons, crew, sound technician, and interviewer. The project participant will explore how to share the work with the broader public as part of the process.

>>Maninzi Kwatshube
born 1990. A former member of the Pulpit Theatre at the Baxter Theatre directed by Thembile Pepeteka with the help of SABC WC community outreach.  As an independent and devoted artist her enthusiasm does not stop but goes an extra mile and emerging with established artists around and out of the Western Cape learning and making a contribution in the arts. Currently am working for UMTHA Consultancy as an art coordinator, we work with school and youth around the Western Cape.

The project is part of the African Center for Cities: Public Art and the Power of Place project.

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