History, Experience, and the Experience of History

The 5th Annual Newcastle Township Arts Festival 2016 will launch under the theme of History, Experience and the experience of History. The annual festival occurs in Newcastle South Africa and is based on Collaborative Performance and production of (visual arts/theatre/music) through Exhibition | Discussion platforms that occur through facilitated Cultural Exchanges with national and international partners.

With the support of the Newcastle Municipality Community Services, in previous iterations of the event we have collaborated with artists from Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, Malawi, Tanzania and other parts of South Africa.

For the year 2016 we would like to expand our activities and reach out to artists and communities around the world who have a particular experience of black history. We would to invite a majority of black female artists from Malawi, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Caribbean and South Africa to Newcastle in October 2016 to relate the experience of social history and its temporalities, and engage subjectivities affecting women as recipients and subjects within specific historiographies.

A major component for the festival and activities for the Newcastle Townships Arts Festival 2016 will be the host of a Film Festival in Ulundi. The Film Festival will also contribute the conversation around History, Experience, and the Experience of History and form part of the second centenary commemoration of the formation of the Zulu Nation as we now know it. The films will be divided thematically from colonial to post apartheid history and be accompanied by discussions and panels that will be of interest to a younger generation of film maters who will witness the presentation of Zuluness and Zulu culture from the Italian film Siliva Zulu, to Zulu (the film is now 52 years old) in order engage with the narratives from this works.

The festival will bring together artists (visual artists, performers, actors and musicians) from different regions (including regions we have previously worked in. with i.e. Malawi, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Caribbean and South Africa) to co-produce an interdisciplinary performance, to exhibit their work, and to exchange knowhow on collaborative work.

The Newcastle Creative Network in South Africa was founded in 2011 the respective contexts within which the artist we work with engage. Through an interdisciplinary approach based on collaborative work, we expand the possibilities of artist exchange across national borders.

Newcastle Township Arts Festival 2016 will take place in Newcastle (South Africa) October/November 2016.