In the News

2016 Fast Forward>> Here: Making Public Art Personal. Megan Tenant. Urban Africa. 07 January 2016

2015 Finding Context in Creative Expression. Bruce Douglas. Newcastle Advertiser. 29 November 2015.

2015 Creative Mavens Heading to IrelandBruce Douglas. Newcastle Advertiser. 21 August 2015.

2015 Taking the Passion of Art Worldwide. Bruce Douglas. Newcastle Advertiser. 23 September 2015.

2015 The Township Touch of Art. Bruce Douglas. Newcastle Advertiser. 15 September 2015

2015 Local Talent Makes Waves Across the World. Reveshni Moodley. The Newcastle Advertiser. 15 March 2015.

2015 Breathing Life into the Written Word. Bruce Douglas. The Newcastle Advertiser. 01 April 2015

2014 Newcastle Art Goes to Zurich. Nicole Collett. Newcastle Advertiser. 1 July 2014

2013 Festival of Art bonds a community. Estelle Naicker. The Newcastle Advertiser. 29 October.

2013 Taking art to the townships. Estelle Naicker. The Newcastle Advertiser 03 July 2013

2012 Taking the Galleries to the Township. Reveshni Moodley. Newcastle Advertiser 30 October

2012 Studying in Switzerland. Estelle Sinkins. The Witness. 2 October 2012[_id]=88632

2012 Hair’ artist makes international waves. Reveshni Moodley. The Newcastle Advertiser. 15 August 2012–artist-makes-international-waves

2012 Local artists to be given a new platformReveshni Moodley. Newcastle Advertiser. 07 March