Interview with Lindiwe Cebekhulu

NCN Visits NCA

6 August 2013 at 02:02

As we have come to be introduced, the Newcastle Creative Network is a team of artists who amongst other things travel and seek the art from all corners of the nation- given the proper resources of-course. Over the past weekend, I (Dumisani Radebe) visited a local group of organized artists called the Newcastle Creative Artists. Here is how it went:

Led by a humble spirited lady called Lindiwe Cebekhulu, a middle-aged passionate individual from Madadeni, it was an awesome 2 hours as she shared a talk with us about their young and youthful organization.

Please introduce your organization to us.

Newcastle Creative Artists a performing arts group, highly focused on theatre but also the daily practices include drama, traditional dance, music, poetry. The talented individuals here are from all over the township of Madadeni and we are based here at the Amajuba Education Centre in Section 2.


So,when do you find time to come together? When are your practice sessions?

We try by all means to meet as often as wecan. However, as most of our members are still in school our practice sessionsduring the week are Wednesday, Friday & Saturday and during holiday time wecome together everyday- well almost.


When did you establish this group?

Well, we started meeting up in 2011 and we are currently in the process registration.


Ever-since starting, how many members have you amassed; and how is the traffic of newmembers?

A lot of people are gaining interest in our organization since it became. The number of people that have thus far joined ranges somewhere in the 50’s and continues to grow.


So how do you manage their dynamic creativity? 

Well, at the age that they are in now, one needs not to try and control how they use their art. Their ever expanding creativity has enabled them to practice new plays all the time. One only needs to give a guideline and allow them to explore the character.  They are now able to play 4 plays perfectly articulated- together with countless musical items.


What other options do the kids have in terms of development?

Another great quality that we’ve been able to practice is the promotion and motivation of young people who are interested in directing and script writing. We facilitate and give guidelines in those fields as well. Newcastle CreativeArtists also stands for the upliftment of new talent in all the fields mentioned above.


What is you ultimate dream for Newcastle Creative Artists?

In the future, we would like to see success for all the individuals involved in the organization, with their many talents.Although the members may go different ways according to their different gifts,we try to connect as a family so that we may look out for each other. We would really love to see the head in a positive direction in all essence of positivity.

And we have come to the closing part of our discussion. I can say we had a really wonderful and energetic day with Mam’Lindi and Newcastle Creative Artists. This is one I’ll remember as we had an engaging interaction with them regarding the 2nd Annual Newcastle Arts Festival as they will be joining us for their 2nd appearance.