Kugwira ntchito limodzi, Malawi

The Newcastle Creative Network in collaboration with Swiss based research team FOA–FLUX (Dominique Lämmli and Annemarie Bucher) and in close cooperation with Visual Arts Association of Malawi, Nanzikambe Arts, and Zipatso Academy Salima have planned a collaborative project to distribute and create collaborative, interdisciplinary work, and foster networking between community based artists and groups involved in the Newcastle Township Arts Festival, happening in Madadeni for the last three years and the Blantyre Arts Festival based in Malawi.

Collaborative Performance (visual arts/theatre/music) | Exhibition | Discussion round as well as the scheduled Cultural Exchange Events in Malawi and South Africa will take place over October 2014. Titled “Kugwira ntchito limodzi & masisebenzisane, sibambisane & zämeschaffe” will take place in Blantyre (Malawi) September/October 2014, and in Newcastle (South Africa) late October 2014. It will bring together artists (visual artists, performers, actors and musicians) from different regions (Malawi, South Africa, Switzerland) to coproduce an interdisciplinary performance, to exhibit their work, and to exchange knowhow on collaborative work. The performance, exhibition and discussion round will be open to the public (Blantyre and Newcastle).

“Kugwira ntchito limodzi & masisebenzisane, sibambisane & zämeschaffe” aims to stimulate visions for visual art in the respective contexts. It applies an interdisciplinary setting, collaborative work, and art & knowhow exchange across national borders. It aims at capacity building, enlarging networks, and foster ideas for future collaboration. The capacity building focuses on technical and interdisciplinary issues, as well as on collaborative work.

All images are courtesy of Sandra Buehler and www.foa-flux.net: