Maboneng/ Madadeni Township Arts Experience 2012

Maboneng Madadeni Township Arts Experience Report 2012

19 November 2012 at 16:16

by Dumisani Radebe

Purpose of the Event:
The purpose of the festival is to highlight the creative people in our community in Newcastle and thus create and maintain a productive creative economy that sustain the artist in Newcastle and Northern Natal. We are allowing people to see the arts and culture that exists in the township and the township as a space for the production of social and creative life. With the festival we want to unite the artist and community, and make the community aware of the creativity in its midst. The festival also creates exposure to the arts and hopefully inspires other latent talent to come to the fore. With the Maboneng Madadeni Township Arts Experience, we were attempting to familiarise the township with arts, and how far it can go, and ideally, cultivate a local market for our artists.

Our invited guests include representatives from the department of Arts & Culture, The Carnegie Art Gallery, the Fort Amiel Museum, Assitej Theatre, Zamani Zulu Dance, GoodFeelMusic Group[Johannesburg], Uploaded Minds, Keen Artist Theatre[Durban] amongst many other local and national groups. The event had lots and lots of activity & interactivity as the people were enjoying good theatre productions from groups like Future Chasers, Secret Carriers and the Youth Desk Theatre, while on poetry we had Uploaded Minds, we had also the fashion designer called Percy from section 2 who’s threads are known throughout Newcastle- displaying his stuff. Music performances from both established Such as Blaq Faith of GoodFeel Music Group and other young, trying artists.

We attribute its success to the unity, and humbleness of the people who embraced the concept. It was pure belief in the power of belief itself because we never had anything but the love for art to fuel us to bring the festival up. Magic does happen when people truly believe. Also the spirit of the community needs to be given credit. The main objective of the two days was to keep the whole day going with lots of art none stop. Everything from theatre; to music; dance; poetry; visual arts; fashion; film and sports. Our vision was to see the people paying attention to art and enjoying it for the beauty it brings to where it occupies space. We had looked to raising passion amongst the people for art itself. And we wanted also to bring the young kids out of their boredom, which often leads them to alcohol and drugs for entertainment.

The organisers of the event were Nkule Mabaso, Dumisani Radebe, Phakiso Mokeona of Newcastle Creative Network & Siphiwe Ngwenya and Tebogo Ramabulana of Maboneng. The artists who contributed their works include Zenzele who recently just won the competition to paint the arts centre in Osizweni, Bonginkosi Mhlanga, Nondumiso Mlotshwa, Rassik(graffiti), Sicelo Ziqubu, Sifiso Xaba, Newcastle Arts Development Organisation, fasion was by Percy & performances came from GoodFeel Music Group, Fossil Records , Keen Artist Theatre, Uploaded Minds, Future Chasers and many The response from the public was beyond exceptional. We had the whole street full of people from all over the township. People came and stayed the whole day to watch magical things happen all around them.

It was hosted at Section 4 in Madadeni, On the street of Hlalanathi High Schools front gate, from where the schools fence ends, to where the street cuts. The art galleries spread across 9 houses in total.

We would firstly like to start by thanking the Honourable Mayor, Judy Jordan, Louis Eksteen, Buntuzim, the Newcastle Creative Network team, Rev. Mbatha, Mam Masondo, MaTen Ten Tuck Shop, Mam Zwane, Mr Shabang, Ngonyama Entertainment, Percy, Mr. Mnyandu, PostNet, and the whole community for allowing; and providing the energy for the festival to happen. This was the first annual Maboneng Madadeni Township Arts Experience and will from now on continue to take place annually.

Billy Villiers and Louis Eksteen,

Billy Villiers and Louis Eksteen.