Newcastle Township Arts Festival, 2015

The Newcastle Townships Arts Festival 2015 is being held for 3 days from Friday 23 October to Sunday 25 October at Section 4 Madadeni Township Newcastle.

The Newcastle Creative Network has completed its planning of the festival artists and artworks and is ready to welcome visitors with various festival events.

Opening events for the festival, titled Fashion and Book Indaba will be held at the BlackRock Casino on the 23 October 2015 from 11h00 – 20h00. The opening events supported and made possible by African Bank.

The contemporary art festival, covering a variety of genres with artworks from local and international artists
The theme for this years festival is Two Newcastles Searching for a Shared Context. The theme is contextualised around an international exchange with the Newcastle Arts Festival, Northern Ireland and Newcastle Creative Network, South Africa, supported by funds from the SA-UK Seasons 2014 & 2015, which is a partnership between the Department of Arts & Culture, South Africa and the British Council. The Newcastle Creative Network has made the encouragement of young people into creative practice an important part of our work. NCN is passionate about seeing young people succeed in all their creative undertakings while changing their lives and enlivening the community for the better through their creative ideas and cultural innovation.

In bringing together artists (visual artists, performers, actors and musicians) from different regions (Northern Ireland, South Africa) to compare practice and explore working methods across the two communities, the project challenges the coproduction of an interdisciplinary a set of works (visual / theatrical / musical) responding to each context and encouraging fresh perspectives and new kinds of participation, against which the success of the project will be judged. The main objective of this project is the exchange of art & knowhow across national borders. The exchange is aimed at inspiring creative ideas and by working at capacity building, enlarging networks that will foster ideas for future collaboration.

The Newcastle Township Arts Festival consists of a series of exhibitions and live performances interspaced across the two days. Including the works and workshops by Peter Surginor and Austyn Finnegan, two emerging artists from Ireland. Local artists exhibit their visual, musical, fine arts and crafts in the efforts to showcase their skills and sell their artwork in the market place. South African emerging performance artist Maninzi Kwatshube will be conducting theatre and performance workshops in the days leading up to the festival and we encourage all theatre groups to attend.

Participatory art works and communication with visitors by performances 
The Newcastle Township arts Festival 2015 gives visitors a unique chance to enjoy the arts with participatory artworks and workshops structured around the festival. Artists’ performances will also make the festival livelier than ever.

A cultural festival amidst the unique cultural heritage of Newcastle
Launched in 2012, the Newcastle Township Arts Festival is a unique cultural festival, held in natural and domestic environments in the township of Madadeni, Newcastle in Kwazulu Natal. The festival seeks to sow the seeds of the arts in the culturally isolated Northern parts of Kwazulu Natal.

Tickets to the opening event at Blackrock Casino are R50.- Rand
Tickets and Further information is available upon request: