Partnership: Okuhle Arts Organisation

NCN welcomes the Okuhle Arts Organisation onboard


9 February 2013 at 14:08

Embraces Wild Jam’s Garage Art Gallery Concept 

Dumisani Radebe 

As the year kicks off again, and our reach grows ever so profoundly, lets get back to formulating our exhilarating arts experiences throughout the community of Newcastle.  We as artists have to combine our energies and continue to create awareness around art and positive change.

The Newcastle Creative Network, Okuhle Arts Organisation and independant artists are met on the 8 of February to hold discussion on with the common goal of acquiring and utilising necessary materials for the type of work that we are to do this year. The place for this was section 6, Madadeni at one the founders of Okuhle Arts Organisation’s home. This artists name is Nondumiso Mbatha, who has been very supportive towards the Newcastle Creative Network and our ventures so far. She is here with Nkululeko, co-founder of Okuhle. Together they called upon artists that all work together through the network to discuss ways in which materials would be acquired, for us to continue to bring forth and popularise creativity in the form art and embracing the communities creative talents.


The Garage Art Gallery Concept was key in providing a platform for artists to exhibit their artworks in an interactive environment. Artists have the opportunity to be given space in a garage in a house where we’d be having one of our monthly exhibitions (which initially began as fortnightly shows) called Wild Jam Sunday Sessions- home to the wildest talent of Newcastle’s townships. Wild Jam, as seen in recent updates, is a musical arts exhibition where artists come together to bring you everything from live performances, live visual arts on-the-spot painting, poetry, jazz, hip hop, trip hop, dubstep, exhibitions, dance, photography, fashion and film-making all in one spot for day- which will now be on for every last Sunday of each month.


So, we are gathered at Nondumiso’s place, in a garage studio, with about 13 other artists coming up with ideas of how to make such concepts work in a forwardly direction towards the betterment of the arts industry in our community, for both the art lover and the artist. Arts are de-motivated by the lack of resources needed to produce artworks; and as well as space. We as NCN & Okuhle Arts Organisation and also many other artists are looking to create an economy & environment that will -keep the spirit of the artists on high levels. Seeing that the world is mostly run by right- brain dominant people- what of the left brains like us? We need to start realising that a society that

survives without consulting with left- brain traits is most likely to be a sombre, one that struggles with solution, one with dormant feeling, one that disregards beauty. You will find that most young cheap drug addicts are left- brain dominant youths, who did not or are not have a great time in school due to not being able to study in the same environment as everyone else.

These young guys feel sidelined because most of what they are exposed to at school are right- brain theories. They either quit school or don’t get good grades, which leads them to seeking ways of numbing the pain of not fitting in. Only to find that these young boys & girls are extremely talented artists or sports stars, which the curriculums didn’t cater for.


So with our initiatives as a network of organisations and individuals, is to create a forward movement to beyond the limits of anybody else’s imagination.


We will continue to engage with one another and more of people such as us in order to make every artist feel at home and alive. So far the journey been both rocky, and very fruitful at that hence we are very grateful for all the growth and support. Expect a punch of a year in 2013 and please be ready for the first Wild Jam Sunday Session on the 24th of February